graphic design

My graphic design work as a student at Samford University.

Hot Sauce Bottle Label
 We were supposed to come up with an original idea for hot sauce and create a label and box for a bottle of hot sauce. I came up with Dragon's Breath Hot Sauce. The dragon is completely hand drawn on the computer (using Adobe Illustrator). The dragon wraps all the way around the bottle and the box.

Total time to completion: 32 hours

Green Bean Brew
We were supposed to dissect an organic object then eventually come up with some type of bottled substance. I came up with Green Bean Brew!

Total Time to completion: 28 hours

Brochure for Meadow Brook Nursery
Printed on textured paper. All of the patterns were hand done, starting with the smallest part building up to make a pattern.

Total Time to complete (front and back): 24 hours

 Compost Modern Poster
 Flower, type, buildings, and grass, all hand drawn on the computer.

Total time to completion: 20 hours

  Deconstruction Psychology Poster
 Original Art: Call of Saint Matthew, by Caravaggio.

Total time to completion: 25 hours.

Book cover for the Innocent Eye
 We were supposed to realize the lay out of type.

Total Time to completion: 10 hours

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