Thursday, August 13, 2015

defining wild.


A silence you've never heard before. The movement of the wind in the trees. The soft sweet reminder, you’ll be okay. An early morning call, slow motions preparing for the day, yet darkness is all you can still see. A moment of fear, gripped by confidence from Him. 

If we are people of Light why are we so afraid of the dark?

Sometimes, when you are short on time and silence, you have to leave the world for a while and enter into His presence. There you can find yourself terrified of the silence, and darkness, but not as terrified as you are of the sight of your soul, the lies you have believed of yourself and of the satisfaction of the world. Recognition.

Life is a mist. A vapor. An ice-cream cone, enjoyed for a moment then forgotten moments later. So it is with the comforts of life, and the affections of the world. Kisses that sting a midnight flame of pride. Careful it says. Careful to watch the flock, that the kisses from the Evil One might not drown you in their shameless pageantry. It feels warm at first, easing your sore muscles, but if you soak in it too long you will see your skin withering away. So it is when the flattering taunts of the Enemy give way to your flesh, and you start to believe the world is right. That attention and love from the world are the satisfying lusts of our hearts. Temptation brings forth sin, and sin when it is fully grown inevitably births death (James 1:14-15). And yet we daily believe the lies spoken over us. And then we see them. Confession.

If we are people of Light why do we trust and believe the dark?

A standing ovation is minimum honorarium for the Guy who told the mountains where to stand. The true honorarium comes from silence in the woods, alone, beholding the Creator in His creation. It is merely a reflection of the radiant beauty of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

And still moments of agony exist when one stands before the Creator in His creation, and realize how unsatisfying attention and love from the world is. And the world is passing away along with its desires (1 John 2:17). When those seconds turn to minutes which turn to hours, movement in the soul must occur. Questions must be asked and answered, and silence must be fostered. You make room for Him to speak, to tell you the lies which dwell in your heart. But His kisses hurt as well. His grace-filled lips light on fire the lies you are believing and they no longer have a place in your heart. 

“I was wretched. And every soul is wretched that is fettered in the friendship of mortal things-it is torn to pieces when it loses them, and then realizes the misery which it had even before it lost them.” Saint Augustine, Confessions


Only silence makes the calm wind in the trees sound like a tornado. And only silence helps us to see the tower of babel-that is our love for self-will come crashing down if left to build its own idol. You see, we want to be our own Sovereign god, so we determine to take control of our circumstances. We disbelieve the good plans He has for us, and begin to manufacture our own. 

If we are people of Light, we do we keep walking in the dark?

So our version of wild becomes carefully articulated plans of action. And His version of wild is stepping into the unknown, not knowing where one will end up. We must move forward believing and trusting in grace. Forgiveness.

“In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:4-5)

4 am, a headlamp, a 20 lb. pack, a dog, and a dark damp cool morning. Wild. Seeking Wild, chasing Wild, loving Wild. All that He is is insanely Wild. A moment with Him, in His creation is the start of believing His wild plan is good.

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