Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The lady next door

Sometimes your heart longs to meet Muslim women, and sometimes you pray for hours on a drive home from the mountains for the opportunity to meet those Muslim women. Often the Lord wakes you up to how immediately he answers prayers. And sometimes this means you witness a car accident happen between two women.

Sometimes you exchange phone numbers with one of those women because you hear her speaking in Arabic on the phone, and you are a witness. Sometimes that Muslim woman calls and invites you over for dinner. And EVERY TIME you go. Not just for the food, or the 'culture lesson', or the amazing Moroccan tea, but to show her you care. To show her there is a Love that knows no boundaries: culturally, ethnically, or geographically. To show her she can have American friends, and there are women in this country who want to be friends with her. To show her she can have more then one friend, and that it would be a joy to be her friend.

Because sometimes people are lonely, and need someone to drive over to their house and share a meal with them.

And if that lady just happens to be from Morocco, the spread will look something like this^.

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