Monday, September 22, 2014

When you meet 3 strange men

Today I met three strange mice, and by mice I mean men.
And by strange I mean strangers.

The first one's name is Jean. He was my taxi driver this morning to the Orlando International airport. I hopped in his nice car and he welcomed me so kindly. I soon asked him where he was originally from (I could tell he had an accent). He began to tell me his life story, that he is originally from Haiti but has lived in the states with his immediate family for 20 years. He has two sons, one 12 and one 6. He loves Jesus a lot. And he told me it isn't just because he grew up in the church, but because he made a decision to follow Jesus. He wants to go back to Haiti, to a village in the mountain with his wife and children to serve his people in Haiti. He told me, "many people buy things and cars and stuff, but my father always told me those things are not worth anything, but if you invest in people you are investing in souls." That's when we missed the exit and had to turn around because we got distracted talking. Jean is an honest man, with an honest heart, with a willingness to serve me whole-heartedly, and desire to return to his home and serve his people. In the meantime, I am thankful for his service in our country.

Second is my friend Aaron. There was one seat left in the exit row on my 1:30 flight from Orlando, Florida to Denver Colorado. It was in the middle of two men. One who is 32, lives in Denver and is named Aaron. Almost immediately after I sat down he asked me if I was on my way home. After talking for about an hour I did some school work and then he asked me about my pictures from Haiti on my computer that he saw. After sharing the story of Ella Grace with him he told me "wow, how lucky, well I mean you know what I mean. I mean how lucky you were to be able to love her for that time." Yes, very lucky. After we had landed I asked him how he was getting home (he lives in Arvada as well) because I was going to have to pay for a taxi or the A-line home. He was like oh yea, I have a car I mean we drove. I asked him if there was a chance he could give me a ride home and he immediately said "yes of course!" 1 hour later and I had arrived home in Arvada without having to pay for a taxi (thank you Jesus).

Third is my friend AJ. He is the most interesting of the three to me because I see the most intentionality of the Lord in my friendship with him. At about 8:30 pm tonight I went to Kinkos to get some of my notes for my seminary classes printed off. I sneezed as I walked in and AJ said, "bless you do you have allergies or are you allergic to Kinkos?" Haha. I showed him all I needed to get printed and he started printing it for me. In the mean time this other man was having trouble with his copy machine so AJ helped him out then the man finished and left. AJ and I were talking a lot about music and the purpose of life. He asked me what I do so I told him about YWAM. He was intrigued that many students find the purpose of life while in DTS, and began to explain to me that he doesn't think he will ever find the purpose of life. We talked and talked and talked as he finished putting together everything I needed printed and then he began to close the store. I was about to walk out when he said, "hey, you are welcome to stay and hang out for a bit while I finish closing the store." I thought to myself 'Of course I would love to stay in Kinkos while you close the store, why am I in such a hurry' and hung around while he closed the door. We ventured outside and sat on the curb as he told me about his grandma and grandpa, his ex-girlfriend and his need for a second job. I asked him why he needed a second job and he told me that he has to help his grandparents out because they don't have work and they need help paying bills. AJ wants to be a professional piano player. He loves to read books, and he loves his grandparents like I have never seen somebody love their grandparents. He is seeking the answers to life's greatest questions, and I have many guy friends who I know would love to tell him. Pray that as we spend time with AJ and befriend him, that he will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as his savior and Lord. The Spirit is stirring in AJ.

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