Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Love at Lovefield

Last night Alyssa VanderWall and I were "jokingly praying" that I would meet somebody in the airport today on my way home to Birmingham that I could give my support packet to and that I wouldn't need to buy anymore support packets...

Well due to a crazy series of events I ended up in the Dallas-Lovefield airport for 7 hours, ended up at a bar watching the Argentina-Switzerland game, and ended up standing across from two men from different parts of the United States that were in Dallas on a business trip. After watching the game with them, and talking with them for an hour or so before the USA game started, learning about the companies they both owned, they asked me what I do. After sharing my testimony with them and sharing with them about YWAM, one of the men said, "hey give me your address and I will send you an iPhone! Obviously you need a new one (my iPhone is shattered)!" Humbled and thankful for this providence. Then he asked if I would come sit down with them and share more about YWAM. I happened to have a support packet in my backpack. After pulling it out and showing it to him he asked if he could keep it! (of course I let him keep it!)

Right before the USA game started I had left to go to the bathroom then came back to the bar and he said to me, "well my partner and I were just talking and we really want to support you and what you are doing for God with more than just a new phone."

I just CANNOT BELIVE IT. Even in our "joking prayers" He hears the truth of our hearts and sees a way to bring the Kingdom together by sovereignly not letting me get on my 2 pm flight to Birmingham and having to stay until 7 o'clock. Just saying yes to God who loves us and cares for us more than we could ever ask or imagine.

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