Thursday, February 27, 2014

The one.

As I sit here on my couch in a warm cabin with my two puppies, peacefully surrounded by snow, with a full fridge, a warm fire, and a good book I can't help but think about the one.

The one who has a soul. The one who has a Maker. The one who has a Father, earthly and eternal. The one who was created to bring Him glory. The one who seems to have no voice. The one who has long brown hair, big brown eyes, and the most endearing smile you ever could see. The one with the tiny frame but hugely welcoming heart. The one who hides behind the little clothing she has on, when it's feverishly cold outside and she is supposed to be "working."

She looked to be 14 years old when we passed by her as Elizabeth and I were prayer walking through the bar streets in the early afternoon.

"Let's stop and talk to her!"
"Okay!" Elizabeth exclaimed.

Early into the conversation we found out she was sitting outside of the bar waiting for her boss to get there. She looked tired, but was excited to have someone talking to her. After talking to her for a few minutes we managed to tell her in the little english she could understand that we would be back that evening to hang out with her.

The time rolled around for us to leave and go hang out with her. We managed to bring our translator with us, and went straight to the bar where she worked.

We played "bar games" with her (connect four, jenga, and pool) and greatly enjoyed her laughing at how bad we were! After getting to know her on a surface level (where she is from, how old she was-21 not 14, etc.) we begun to ask her about her job, and why she was there..

She wasn't taken.
She wasn't trafficked.
She wasn't drugged.

She was coerced to find a means to take care of herself and her family-by her family. After not being able to find a job with her accounting certificate, her family told her to resort to whatever she had to offer.

And somehow she along with thousands and thousands and thousands of other girls resorted to prostitution with no other choice.

So she is the one. The one many tears have been cried for. The one who the Lord allowed me to suffer this summer for. The one the Lord allowed me to go through 3 months of being showered with love in Denver, Colorado for. The one the Lord allowed Elizabeth and I to travel to the other side of the world for. The one the Lord expanded my heart for. And the one who I can never forget.

She is the one.
The one the Lord proved He so sovereignly had His hand on since the first day she accepted Christ, and the day she walked away from Him. The one the Lord is wooing back to Himself. The one who does not have to live in shame. The one who will be welcomed into the Kingdom with open arms by a Savior whose blood rescued her soul. The one who will be/has been freed from slavery/bondage.

The one who the day after we spoke to her, told us she was going home.

Now you can pray for that one. You can pray that while she is home (right now) that she will be bold and tell her family what she told us when we talked to her (that she didn't want to be doing that, she knew it was wrong, and she didn't think she would ever be forgiven for it). And that her family will not make her return to that work. As well you can pray she will find a job in accounting or be able to go back to school. Thank you for praying with me, and supporting me as I was blessed to be able to meet this one because of your faithful prayers for me.

I don't fully understand God's plans, or how everything connects (more on this later), but I will say I am beyond grateful to have been counted worthy to experience the pain and suffering from this past summer in order for the Lord to get me to Thailand, on that specific street, on that day, to talk to the one. His sovereignty continues to astound me. His grace continues to abound.

Thanks be to Him who deserves all glory and honor and praise.

The one - Peung, perhaps number 14,765,456.
^ "Because You are precious in my eyes and honored, and I love you." [Isaiah 43:4]

Peung, daughter of the most High God that I cannot wait to rejoice in Heaven with someday.

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