Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TENtative Update

1 year ago I prayed and felt the Lord calling me to Haiti.
2 days after starting my final semester of college I booked a plane ticket to Haiti.
3 times I heard people say to me, "you only have four months of school left till you graduate!"

John 4 the scripture the Lord called me to read and Jesus saying to me, "you say there are yet four months and then comes the harvest, but I say, wake up and look around. The fields are ripe for harvest!"
5 skirts I took to Haiti.
6 AM when the sun woke me up every morning.
7 days of the week I looked forward to a cold shower.
It took me 8 hours to hand-wash and line dry my clothes.
9 times I gave up and offered myself again to the Lord.
10 weeks I lived in Haiti.

1 person I texted when I was back in America.
2 months after returning from Haiti I left for Colorado.
3 planes it took my best friend Kayla and I to get to Steamboat Springs.
4 hours after arriving we found out we most likely already had jobs!
5 days it took me to get used to the 9,000 foot elevation.
6 AM the number we dreaded seeing every morning.
7 mile hike we took to Gold Creek Lake.
8 good friends we made at the Home Ranch.
9 times we sat down and reminded each other that we were sisters, not just roommates.
10 nights I cried myself to sleep, because I missed Ella Grace.

1 year ago I was praying for Chase's trip to Jordan.
2 months ago I graduated with my best friend, with a degree in Religion.
3 months ago I started working as a Bridesmaid Dress Specialist at David's Bridal.
4 weeks ago I had an interview at Lifeline Children's Services
5 wedding dresses I have sold.
6 people I have seen understand the purpose of sharing the Gospel in the past month.
7 days I am spending in Jordan.
February 8, 2013 I sign my contract at Lifeline, and 8 days I have left at David's Bridal.
9 nonbelievers I LONG to come to know the Lord.
10 times I wish I could talk to Chase during the day.