Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thank You Jesus.

A Graduate of Samford University: the most wonderful place on earth!

Today I turned in my final exam for my final semester here at Samford University. I could not have imagined 2 and a half years ago that I would grow to love a place so much. The Professors I have had the privilege to learn from these past 2 and a half years have greatly impacted by view of the Gospel and my understanding of being a good steward of the opportunities the Lord has given me. I can't imagine a more wonderful place to learn to become a more faithful follower of Jesus Christ. I feel confident one day while in Heaven we will all gather around the throne and worship our Heavenly Father for how good He has been to us, and how He has shared His wisdom and knowledge with us when we haven't deserved it.

Jesus is present in this place, and that my friends is why it is so depressing to have to leave. Yes I will be able to come back and visit, but I will never again have the opportunity to surround myself with this powerful generation of people with the same heart, and goal: "let your Kingdom come God, on earth as it is in Heaven." His presence dwells in this place because that is what these students BEG Him for. They long to feel His presence as they are walking to class, as they worship with other students, and as they turn in their tests. And He alone is faithful, dwelling richly in them, making His presence manifested in the Spirit which dwells inside them. How good He has been to me as a student of Samford University, how good He has been to us!

These past two and a half years have turned my world upside down, giving me a new perspective of walking with Jesus. And I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this University.

He is so incredibly faithful.

Thank you Jesus.