Monday, June 27, 2011

God of this City, Lord of these People

The Lord's grace is abounding and it is sufficient. In this moment I am not sitting in a church service listening to a sermon about my most Holy Father, but I am sitting on a balcony overlooking a city that worships Allah. I am watching the sun go down once again over a city who does not know Jesus Christ. I am overlooking a city that desires to worship God. I hear the beautiful noise of a call to prayer and I am made aware of the Lord’s desire for me to remain in Him. I am reminded of His desire for me to worship Him and to pray to Him. Even though this is a dry country there is so much fruit to be born here and there is a movement in this country unlike anything I have ever seen. These people desire to remain faithful in the way they dress and speak. They desire to be a representative of a follower of Allah. What a great place to be in to sit above this city to overlook this city, and to know that the Lord God desires for these people to call Him by His name through the saving grace of His son Jesus Christ. Oh that I may be humbled in my desire for zealousness, that I may be awakened to my disobedience in the face of my brothers and sisters who pray five times a day to Allah. May I be re-birthed into the creation the Lord would have me be as I become friends with my beautiful missionary sisters. May this time be a time of weakness in my body, soul, and mind, so that the only thing that may be seen is the strength of Jesus Christ. Oh that I may stand on this rooftop and yell to everybody in this country Jesus is King. The time is coming, it is drawing nearer and we will see the day when this country will be a country in the Kingdom. We will see a day when the people of this country only say one name: Jesus Christ.

A few days ago I was praying with and for these beautiful missionary sisters, that I am surrounded by, and the Lord revealed to me a strong word for these women that I want all of you to be praying as well for:

“But their minds were hardened. For to this day, when they read the old covenant, that same veil remains unlifted, because only through Christ is it taken away. Yes to this day whenever Moses is read a veil lies over their hearts. But when one turns to the Lord, the veil is removed. Now the Lord is the Sprit, and where the Sprit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM. And we all with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Sprit.” (2 Corinthians 3:12-18)

My loving brothers and sisters at home and all over the world, may this be our prayer for this people group. May we pray this veil would be uplifted that they may see the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and that they may become aware of their sin and their shame and run to the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ and the redemption for their souls.

I have been given rest this past week and so thankful the Lord blessed me with such an incredible family to live with here and my sister Rachel to partner with and to be roommates with. I am so excited to see what the Lord has to teach me here and what He desires for me to do while I am here, and I know He has a great work He wants to do here. I am so blessed to be given this opportunity and if there is anything He has made me aware of in the past week, it is that He is good. As I was walking out of the language center at the University He spoke to me and said to me, “I have chosen you, you of all of your friends, I have chosen you to come and be a part of my movement here in this country. He told me He chose me specifically because He knew the person that said “here I am, Lord I will go” that I had to be saying it with my whole heart not just part of it, and I had to understand that a calling to the Middle East is a calling to something much harder then going around the corner to my sweet little southern neighbor. (FYI: a calling to go around the corner to your sweet southern neighbor is just as significant as a calling to the Mid East). He told me that it is going to be hard, and that not all of my weeks will be as peaceful as this last one was. He told me this is just the beginning of a journey He had planned for me way before I was born. He said to me that these women are women who desire to be loved as much as I desire to be loved and a lot of them do not receive that love at home. And the women who cover every part of their body but their eyes, they have a special place in my heart because I know that there is a very specific reason they have to be that covered. I know that there is something going on inside of their hearts that is similar to what is going on in my heart and that is how the Lord created us, that we may have something in common with every person in this world. I know that they too are human beings, they are women, with stories and with lives our Father cares about. So many people see this country and this part of the world as a desolate place, as a place with nothing to offer to the world but warfare, but my oh my how the Lord has showed me that this place is one of the most beautiful places in the world. He has created a love for this country in my heart that I can’t describe. It goes far beyond the surface level into a level where my only desires are His desires. And when I walk around this city and I pray over the people the Lord speaks to me clearly, saying “my daughter, oh the places you will go when you walk within my will. You will see things and places nobody else in this world even has a desire to see. You will tell the story of my Son Jesus Christ to people all over this world, and right now you will tell the story to my daughters and sons in the Mid East.”

So as I begin my journey here in the Mid East I am humbled by remembering the privilege it is to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am reminded that I must not take any day for granted but in every day in everything that God must receive all glory and honor and praise. I promise you guys I did not get here in my own will and desire, but only in the Lord’s grace did He send me to this beautiful country.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Like babies...

So in the Spirit of Father’s day, at least I think June 12 is father’s day, I wanted to write

about my earthly father. Well actuall

y I just found out it isn’t father’s day but I had already written it so happy EARLY father’s day dad! June 19 I think I will be so busy anyways preparing to go to the Mid East so it’s a God thing that this was written now and not later :) I do not appreciate him as much as I should, and I saw a picture of us today in Haiti, and I was reminded of how much he loves me. I was reminded of how much of a sacrifice it was to let his 21 year old daughter move to Uganda and the Middle East by herself for the summer. I was reminded of the faith that he has in Jesus Christ our savior. I was reminded of how every time I have needed something he has provided for me. I was reminded of the memories I have with him ever since I was a baby, how he would encourage me to do better in school, and to love the Lord more and more with my heart. I was reminded of how he would set me on his lap and hold me until I stopped crying. I was reminded of the love he has for people around him. I was reminded of how much of a giving person he is. I was reminded of how he abides in the word of God and meditates on it day and night. I was reminded of how sinful I am in how I have treated him sometimes. I was reminded of how many times I have overstepped my boundaries with him, and I have not been submissive to him. I was reminded of the times I was angry at him and said words that I wished I hadn’t said. I was reminded of how badly I could take back those evil words I had said. I was reminded of how deep his love is for my family, my mom, my sister, my brother, and I. He loves us each individually no matter what we do. He loves us for who we are not for who he wishes we would become. He loves us when we make terrible decisions and he loves us when we tell horrible jokes. He makes a valiant effort to be the most loving caring father that he could possibly be, and it has truly made me into the person I have become. He has showed me peace when it is hardest to find. He has showed me joy in the most fearful of times. He has given me assurance that no matter what the Lord leads me to do in my life, he will back me up. His love for my mom has been a picture of the Gospel. He has taught me to give people love no matter what they return you with, and he has taught me to love people not expecting anything in return. He has taught me to expect great things to be done in front of me by Jesus Christ if I walk with Him. He has taught me that love is not something that comes and goes but that it stays forever with the one the Lord chooses for me to be with. He has taught me to have high expectations when it comes to my husband, and when I have had a broken heart he has taught me that “the guy that broke my heart was not good enough for me anyway, and was not the one the Lord has for me.” He has taught me to forgive and forget. He has taught me to remain in the shadow of the Almighty, because there is where we find rest. He has taught me discipline. He has taught me the importance of keeping our bodies in good shape because it is a temple of God. He has protected me from danger, and taught me to know the Lord’s protection is covering me. He has taught me to rely on God. He has hugged me when I felt unloved. He has been a picture of Jesus Christ to me. He has showed me what it means to be loved in a physical way the way that Christ loves me. He has been the best earthly father a girl could ever ask for. He has showed me the Gospel. And he is exactly what I want my husband to be like, somebody who brings me closer to my Heavenly Father, who continues teaching me to be more like Christ and convicts me when I am not being like Christ. He is a Light in the midst of the lost, and he is a sheep desiring more then anything for the people he loves most to come to know Christ the way he knows Christ.

He is my daddy, and my father, my dad who can never ever be replaced. I love him so much and I am so thankful for the representation of the Gospel that our relationship has been. I pray my husband treats our daughter as my father has treated me. What a joy it has been in my life to have such an amazing, humble, dad and I cannot wait to spend eternity with him worshipping our Heavenly Father. "The Lord is my strength and my song, and He has become my salvation; this is my God, and I will praise Him, MY father's God, and I will exalt Him." (Exodus 15:2)

And then there is another part of this blog that relates to this being fathers day. These precious girls I have been speaking to at Rays of Hope are fatherless, but the have a Father that is better then any earthly father could ever be. So how does He show them that? He shows them by speaking softly to their hearts, by whispering to them and telling them they are worth so much more then what those men are giving them. He calls them to be holy and honorable people by abstaining from sexual immorality. I taught them from 1 Thessalonians 4:3-4 and while teaching them I was reminded of my imperfections, and by God’s grace and the Spirit inside of me, the Gospel was poured over each of those beautiful girls. After hearing the beautiful message of the Gospel the Lord opened up their hearts and they began speaking to me. They began sharing with me how they struggle and I shared with them how I have struggled with the same things.

When I was standing in front of them listening to the Spirit speak to them He called me out of my sin and called me to a new room in His heart. He showed me that the place He is taking me to is a place deeper within His heart, to a place where I can feel Him breathing, a place where He wants each of those girls to be. He showed me a place deep within His bosom where He holds His keys. He showed me that He wants to take me to many places for me to open up my heart and speak. He showed me the testimony He has given me is a testimony which cannot be duplicated. He showed me that in this place deep within Himself, there is no place for selfishness or conceit. He showed me that I must leave behind any idols I once had. He showed me that in that place I will be asked to do things that before I would not have been comfortable doing. He has begun to hold me to a higher standard in order for me to be placed in a deeper place within Him. He has showed me that as I move down the hallway to that deeper place there will be a light that is brighter then anything I can imagine, and that light is going to burn away my sinful flesh. He has showed me that when I move into that new room deep within Him, there is no turning back there is no running away there is no going back to the sinful desires of this world. There is no being okay with the ways of the world. There is no shyness when it comes to His work, but only boldness in Jesus Christ. There is no boasting in myself but in Him alone. There is no pride in the things He will use me to do, but these things will only be seen as portrayals of His glory. "You have led in your steadfast love the people whom you have redeemed; you have guided them by your strength to your holy abode." (Exodus 15:13). An abode hidden in His bosom deep inside His heart.

And if I believe that this place exists, that this room was created especially for me, and if I believe with all of my heart that Jesus Christ is the son of God, that he died on the cross because I was a sinful person, and in His resurrection He justified me, and made it possible for me to move into that room then the Lord Jesus Christ will receive glory and honor and praise for every single day of my life, and Satan will have no effect on my day. He will tempt me and taunt me and stand in front of me begging for me to come to him, but I will remind in the shadow of the Almighty, I will remain in the palm of His hand, living and breathing as He lives and breathes. I will see miracles happen before my eyes. I will see His lost children hear Him calling them and they will run to Him. I will see Him provide for hungry fatherless and motherless children. I will see these beautiful girls who have no earthly father to look up to, look up to a Father who exceeds all their expectations for a father. I will walk into a land flowing with milk and honey behind Jesus, seeing Him call the little children to Him. I will see Muslim people fall to their face worshipping the One True God, Jesus Christ. I will see Hindu people burn down the idols they created with their own hands and worship the Lord Jesus Christ who could never be created by human hands. I will see people who do not believe in a god, come to live and breathe the word of God and experience the presence of the Living God. And the only reason I will see this is because this is what He sees, and this is what His heart desires for each of His children to see.

So in this room that He has prepared for me, as I walk in, I would ask and encourage all of you reading this blog to ask the Lord to show you the room He has prepared for you. I ask you to fall on your knees and ask Him to reveal to you the next step He has planned for you. Fall to your face and beg Him to show you His glory that we may all be prepared for the great work that is ahead of us. There are lost hearts and souls desiring to find a purpose in life and they are all around us waiting to hear the Gospel of the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My friends, my sisters, my brothers, turn to Him and see Him and the room He is preparing for you to move into. When you reach that place deep inside His bosom, you will never ever look back wondering what would have happened if you had stayed in your sin. You will see things you never dreamed you would see. You will be a part of the body of Christ, a body that will never stop working, but with all of its members working together, it (we) will see the world come to know Jesus Christ. “So put away all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander. Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation—if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good” (1 Peter 2:1-3). And oh my how sweet the Lord is. Taste Him for who He is and what He has done for you. Taste the pure honey that His love has been to you. Taste the sanctifying blood that has poured over you to cover you and to protect you. Once you taste and see, the Light will come and it will burn away the evil passions of your flesh. “As you come to Him, a living stone rejected by men but in the sight of God chosen and precious, you yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.” (1 Peter 2:4-5). These sacrifices are the sacrifices of the flesh, piece by piece you offer your life to our Lord, and He is pleased with each convicting sacrifice you make. He sees it and he is pleased with it because He receives all glory and honor and praise. LIKE BABIES we wait to move into that deeper part of our Father’s bosom, to be near Him and to be like Him.

Prayer requests: I am going to be putting a donation link on the side of my blog for those who want to start donating to Rays of Hope, everything will go to helping out the school and the children, and as soon as I get back to the states we are going to make a website for Rays of Hope.

2. I just finished a very “provocative” painting that faces the mosque right next to Rays of Hope. Pray the words of John 14:6 written in Swahili, English, and Lugandan, will sink into the hearts of those who will walk by the school and see them. Pray that the light of the Gospel through those words would shine into that mosque and call those inside to look towards Jesus. Pray there will be no harsh response to the Gospel being put that close to the mosque and so permanently. Pray the Lord will speak to the whole community through the words written on that wall.

3. Next weekend June 18 we will be hosting the Women’s day at Rays of Hope. 100 women have been invited via invitation, and Jesus will be sharing His story with Muslims, voodoo participators, and the general lost, so pray the Gospel sinks into the hearts of those who hear and that the response is fruitful. Pray the work the Lord does in their heart’s next weekend continues after next weekend. The theme of the day is “No Greater love than this”

4. While walking into the school on Friday we witnessed a little girl being spanked for her behavior. We asked Joel what had happened and this 8 year old little girl had been hanging out with some men who had been doing cocaine. Pray she will see the wrongness in her participating in that, and pray the Lord gives us the opportunity to love on her and tell her what she is worth. Pray the Lord will give Joel the opportunity to be a fatherlike figure in all of the children’s lives so that they know that somebody cares for them.

5. Joel and I went to see the land that we bought in Gyeza for the new orphanage for the Rays of Hope kids. It is a beautiful peace of land up on a hill that has a view that over looks the valley. Pray the Lord will provide contacts with people who want to donate to help out or just to pray. Ask the Lord to cover this place with Jesus Christ’s blood that those children may have a place of peace and rest. As we walked around the property I noticed that it was a very quiet place, and what a picture of the gospel it is to see those children be able to move from a place of chaos and shouting to a place of peace and rest where they can learn to be true African children in the shelter of Jesus Christ. Pray the Lord will provide the buildings that need to be resurrected on that land. Pray He will show us exactly what He wants the orphanage to look like and how He wants it to run. Pray the Lord shows Joel who He wants Joel to partner with. Pray He provides a means for the children to receive meals while they are waiting to move to Gyeza. Pray the Lord will provide more land near the Rays of Hope orphanage so a church and school can be built for the community of Gyeza.

6. General health: so I have now been sick for about 2 weeks. I expected to be attacked physically mentally and spiritually but this physical attack has made me get tired fast. I also felt very weak while painting John 14:6 on the walls next to the mosque. It is crazy to imagine the spiritual warfare that was going on as I was praying and painting those words on the wall, but it was very encouraging that I finished it without getting yelled out or without falling off of the chair that was on top of a table that I was standing on :)

"If you will diligently listen to the voice of the Lord your God, and do that which is right in His eyes, and give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you that I put on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord, your HEALER." Exodus 15:26

TIA (this is Africa) moments:

Grasshoppers for dinner

Enjoying a cold shower

Water running off of my body in the shower is always brown: sign of a free spray on tan :)

Sitting in traffic for 2 hours to get to a place 10 miles away.

More to come.....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The burdens are many, and the bearers are few.

the burdens are many, and the bearers are few.

On Wednesday as I was serving the children their bread I noticed some scars on one of the little girl’s arms in P4. I didn’t say anything right away but the Lord kept reminding me to ask Joel about her. While standing there feeding the other children I asked Joel who she was and he thought I was talking about another little girl who had scars on her hands. After figuring out which girl I was talking about he called her over and I told him that she was the one I saw. After talking to him for a little bit he said, “wait till I tell you her story, you haven’t even seen all of her scars, do you want to see.” I said yes in hesitation because I was afraid she might be

embarrassed to show me but she was not shy at all. We went into Joel’s office and she opened up her shirt and I immediately began to weep. This poor little girl has such an incredibly sad story. When she was 3 years old she lived with her dad and step mom and she asked her step-mom for water. Her step-mom became frustrated that she asked for it so she purposefully spilt the boiling hot water all over Shaamira. Shaamira now has 3rd degree burn scars all over her body and the pain does not stop there. As she continues to grow her skin is stretched into ways that it shouldn’t be stretched because of the burns. We asked her if it hurts and she points to her chest and says it hurts every day. Her right arm will not open all of the way because of the way the doctors sewed her skin back together. I know the stories keep piling up and the stories are mixing together but this little girl, Shaamira needs physical help. She needs to see an American doctor to see if there is anything that can be done for her skin. Shaamira has a sweet sweet heart and she does not act like she hurts at all, she hides the pain somewhere deep inside. After asking her if I could take a picture of her so we can find help for her in the United States her eyes lit up. I then told her she is a beautiful girl no matter what her chest looks like and she said, “no I’m not.” As I continued telling her how much I love her on the inside and out, and repeating to her that she is beautiful she walked away. I can’t even imagine how hard it is for her to deal with such a huge physical and emotional scar. The Lord knows what is going on inside her heart, and we pray she may be shown the love He has for her every day, and He remind her how beautiful she is every time a tear comes down her face while thinking about the way she looks.

And it is all about Jesus Christ. It is about the fact that He has called her to a place in His heart where nobody can go, a place where she is protected from anybody who would make fun of her or call her names. She is surrounded by angels who guard her heart. So this is what we pray, that even today while she is on this earth temporarily she will feel the presence of the Lord next to her, and she will see the angels surrounding her.

Today, Monday, was a glorious day at Rays of Hope in the beginning. They put on a special production for Emilie and I, and Joel decided he wanted me to usher in the new prefects, so what a joy it was to be given the opportunity to rejoice with the students who have great behavior, and who are loved by others at the school.

But then in the afternoon a lady brought this little girl named Patricia back to the school and told Joel where she found her. She was in a man’s house being used for her body and she was screaming when the lady walked into the house. She grabbed the girl and noticed she had a Rays of Hope uniform on, so she brought her to the school. Patricia is 10 years old and decided she was willing to give her body to a man because she was hungry for some food.

You guys, these children badly need help. I am so desperate to help them, they are such innocent children being sold to wolves. They are lambs going to be slaughtered in this town they live in. “Go your way behold, I am sending you out as lambs in the midst of wolves.” (Luke 10:3). These little children are the lambs the babies of our Holy Father, and they are among ravenous wolves. And if they do not receive help, if they don’t receive a laborer who has come to bear the weight of that town with the other laborers that are there (Joel and his mom), they will never see the daylight. They will be raised in the sin that their families are so entangled in. Kabalagala needs a Ray of Hope, it needs Rays of Hope, it needs the Rays of Hope that Jesus Christ offers..

We are hoping to organize a support system because these children need help as soon as possible. So I need suggestions?! How much do you think people would be willing to give monthly to get these children a meal every day so they don’t have to sell their body’s? Please respond to this post and let me know what you all think. These are desperate times and when these children are so desperate to eat they will do whatever they can to get that food. I believe in the Lord and His grace in these children’s lives, but I also believe the Lord has blessed me with a life in the United States in order to share this news with you so that we can respond with love and grace that the Lord so graciously gave us.

Today, Tuesday I received the blessed opportunity to talk to Patricia about what she did yesterday. It never fails to surprise me how much Jesus wants to show these children love even when they are as disobedient as she was. I kept on thinking before I saw her, what would I say to her if I could talk to her, and then the Lord gave me the opportunity to talk to her. I said “Jangu Patricia,” which in Lugandan means come here Patricia. When she walked over to me I told her to never do that again and she shook her head and said yes. And Joel repeated to her in Lugandan “do you promise auntie Lauren that you will never do that again?” and she shook her head. I then looked at her in the eyes and touched her and said, do you know you are worth more then that. She looked away and shook her head saying no. I looked at her again and she began to cry and I said, “Patricia you are worth so much more then what that man was going to give you for what you were doing for him. Do you know that.” As tears swelled up in her eyes she shook her head and said, “yes.” This little girl was willing to give her body to a man for some maybe 25 cents, and Jesus Christ hung on a cross for her. May this truth sink deep into her heart as she falls asleep tonight wondering how she will find enough money to eat tomorrow.

I mean I can’t stand it these poor children are being raised in situations that I would have never even dreamed were possible. The stories go on, the list goes on, the burdens are many, and the bearers are few. There is A God, the GOD that is big enough to make the entire town of Kabalagala fall to it’s knees and praise Him, and yet He has asked us to be His vessels. He has asked us to intercede on our knees in front of His throne praying for the man that decided it was okay to rape a 10 year old little girl. He loves that man as much as He loves me, and my oh my what hope this gives my soul! What a joy it is to know that as we are interceding on behalf of these children and the people in Kabalagala, Jesus Christ, the Son of God is interceding on their behalf as well. Our prayers are always heard, and the word of the Lord will remain true and faithful always: and I pray this high priestly prayer, along side Jesus Christ my savior, that the words of this scripture would remain true for all of those beautiful children at Rays of Hope, and the people in Kabalagala:

“I am praying for them. I am not praying for the world but for those whom you have given me, for they are yours. All mine are yours, and yours are mine, and I am glorified in them. And I am no longer in the world, but they are in the world, and I am coming to you. Holy Father, keep them in your name, which you have given me, that they may be one, even as we are one. While I was with them, I kept them in your name, which you have given me. I have guarded them, and not one of them has been lost except the son of destruction, that the scripture might be fulfilled. But now I am coming to you, and these things I speak in the world, THAT THEY MAY HAVE MY JOY/your joy FULFILLED IN THEMSELVES. I have given them your word, and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. I do not ask that you take them out of the world, BUT THAT YOU KEEP THEM FROM THE EVIL ONE. They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. SANCTIFY THEM IN THE TRUTH; your word is truth. As you send me into the world, so I have sent them into the world. And FOR THEIR SAKE I consecrate myself, that they also may be sanctified in truth.” Luke 17:9-19

Lord please sanctify these beautiful people in Kabalagala, for you died that they may receive the truth and when they receive the truth it will set them free from the bondage of sin they are entangled in. Unlock the chains Father, set them free from what they are bowing to. Take away the idols that are set before them and let them pray to the One True God. May they see the light of the Gospel, the power of the grace that you have so freely given them, that will transform them and take them out of their situation. I believe the power of miracles remains, and I believe one of the greatest miracles you have ever shown us was when you wiped our hearts completely clean and made them white as snow. I pray that Kabalagala becomes as white as snow, that your glory may reign in that place, and that the towers of darkness would come crumbling down, that the Light may shine as bright as it ever has. May the Gospel penetrate the hearts of the unbelieving and unfaithful that they may turn to you and cry, Abba, Father. May they HEAR YOU, SEE YOU, AND KNOW YOU for who you are. May you transform their lives into a beautiful story that you created for them before time was time. May you be the God above all false idols, and may you rip them down peace by peace. May you reveal the falseness of the religions they believe in, and may you slash Satan’s hand from those people. What a testimony you have given us to see your grace play out so perfectly in the lives of the children at Rays of Hope, so please Father, make this grace apparent to those children that they may see that you are worth all of their glory honor and praise. May you show them how much you paid for their souls. May the Gospel, the blood of Jesus Christ be real to them, may it sink into their hearts that they may see the intensity of the depth of the sin that their community is tangled in. Jesus Christ, pour your holy blood across Kabalagala and redeem the lives of the drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, and satan worshippers. Call their names Father, call all of their names, that we may see your glory resounding through the hearts of those sinners. May we all recognize that these people are our brothers and sisters as you call them by their name, they are not to be seen as lesser people, but as equal in your Kingdom. May you make Kabalagala a place of refuge for those who are in the Kingdom, that this whole world may know that Kabalagala is your city. May all of this be done to the glory and praise of your Holy Name, that every knee may bow, and every tongue rejoice, and sing that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that you are the God of the whole earth. It is in the precious blood Jesus Christ shed on the cross that we beg you to hear this prayer. Amen.

The Harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. Luke 10:2. May you send the laborers Father, and reap the harvest.