Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why should you dwell on the things that do not last forever?

There is something so incredibly majestic about God’s presence in the world at 6 o’clock in the morning. As the sun rises a new day is beginning, we are having a new opportunity to take a deep breath and star a new day. The old has gone the new has come. We have a blank slate. A piece of wet concrete in front of us waiting to be walked in, following the very steps and will of our Father. Just think, today could be the day thousands of people give their lives to Christ, or it could be the day that thousands of people choose to walk another path and follow and unrighteous, unholy, idol. Today you will either live or die. Or perhaps there is something in between. Yes. Indeed there is a middle ground. Lukewarm. (Revelation 3:15) I am not positive how many people are lukewarm in this world about God, but I am 100% sure some of my friends are. They are standing in the middle waiting for others to decide, waiting for something to happen, or maybe waiting for Jesus to come back to prove Himself to them. It’s not okay for me to think that my life today very well could not have any purpose, could not be any help or change anyone’s life today. It’s not okay for me to think that my peers surrounding me are okay with being lukewarm. OUR GOD IS SOOO GREAT AND SO WORTHY OF OUR ENTIRE LIFE, that it is sooo far off of His radar, so far away from His holiness and his vision for our lives, when we choose to not choose.
There is this guy named Daniel. He lives in Costa Rica, and he has chosen to allow God to completely take all of his life, even his money, his cars, his friends, his potential girlfriends, and his family. He has crossed over the line, he made a decision to be a disciple of His. He made a decision to not be okay with normal living, societal breathing, ordered walking. He has take a step of faith to follow in the way that leads him to ETERNAL LIFE. He is a disciple of Jesus Christ. He has gone over and above the routine of a 22 year old male. And as I sat there listening to his story, it was like seeing Jesus Christ face to face. The Holy Spirit was so permanently apparent in Dan’s words, and movements, and even the way he presented himself and his testimony. The Holy Spirit hates to be quenched. He hates to be living inside of a believer but the believer never allowing Him to say what He wants to say. The Holy Spirit’s power can run straight from our head to our toes, so much that we are shaking because we have allowed the Holy Spirit to completely work the way He has wanted to in our lives for forever.
God’s majesty is flowing like a wind all over this earth into every person who decides to accept it and see the wind that is blowing. Obviously you can’t see wind, but you can feel it. We can feel God’s presence, and we CAN SEE God’s invisible qualities –his eternal power and divine nature, through what has been made, AND THEREFORE WE ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE. Romans 1:20. We have absolutely no excuse in this world. He has proved Himself to us time and time again by the mountains, by the oceans, even by this new show LIFE. <<<
The evidence is all around us, all day everyday!!!! Wake up and live this day knowing you were created by a thing, person, being, much greater than our little problems we have.

Why should you dwell on the things that do not last forever?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A city driven by sin but LIT by the Holiest of Holies, Our Father in Heaven

I couldn’t have asked for a better spring break if I had designed it myself. Never has the Holy Spirit been so alive in free, openly speaking 24/7 to me. It is something so difficult to put into words because Heaven literally came down. I was surrounded by angels and people awakened by the urgency of surrender to the God powerful enough to take everything on earth away in one second. I learned what humility in the eyes of God truly means. It isn’t just trying to be humble, trying to go last, and trying to serve others it is completely desiring LASTNESS in order that others may see the Love of God first. Lynsey and I stayed with a woman named Amy Speake, she is a missionary living in Costa Rica, and she has lived there for 20 years now ministering to the Costa Ricans and seeing God work miracles. She is a picture of humility as the whole time we were down there she wanted to serve us even though we told her we wanted to serve her. After spending a few days at the beach we spent some time at Amy’s friend Gisela’s house. She cooked for us and we played with her son Nacar. The following day we went to this slum in San Jose where Transformations ministries spends a lot of time. Here we watched as numerous men walked up and down stairs-right across from the kids playing at the church-buy drugs. The drug buyers walked across a bridge that said, “Jesucristo es el puente a la vida” which means “Jesus Christ is the bridge to life” in order to buy their drugs. It was hard to believe such sin and despair could be happening right in the midst of such pure laughter of children. We took Nacar out of school so he could come with us on Tuesday. And while when we were playing with the Transformations kids Nacar taught me so much. He began serving the children as if this was his mission trip too! Nacar lives in an area not much better than the one we were serving in. To an American nacar’s family lives way below the poverty line, but Nacar was serving God as if he had everything he could ever need, and he does because of who Christ is in him. This little boy did not look at the children he was serving as if he was “higher” than him, but served them as a brother in Christ. We also met another Christ-follower named Daniel Hertgers. He works for Pura Vida and he left his “comfortable” life in Canada to go down to Costas Rica and serve for 18 months. He works for a ministry called Pura Vida Missions. Later on, Tuesday evening we went to the youth service at Amy’s church and stood out like a sore thumb! This church service brought the Holy Spirit to the front unifie within all the youth in the room. It wasn’t as if the Holy Spirit lived separately inside of all of us, but the Holy Spirit was OBVSIOUSLY one within that room. 9 people accepted Christ, including one young boy who was a member of one of the deadliest gangs in San Jose. Wednseday we went to Christ for the City to give out food in 5 different communities. The first community we went to Lynsey served food while I took pics of the community. The second place we went to we had to be careful and only the people serving food could get out of the car because it was such an unsafe area. The third place is called “stabbing hill,” this is where Amy and I served food. It is named stabbing hill because there is a spot on the hill we served food on, if you walk past the corner or this one spot, and you aren’t allowed down there they will stab you. While we were serving food a car drove by with four gang members in it. Each one of them had a gun with them, and they are all known in their community for going around and shooting people to take their stuff from them. The next community we went to Amy, Ugo, and another girl and I went into the slums to tell everybody we were serving food by the entrance to the slum. In this area we saw a little 6 year old boy playing with a gun, and many other little children playing with deadly toys, including a 3 year old walking around with a machete. The hardest thing to see was a woman walk up to the van after we had packed up the car, begging us to give her food. All she had on was a shirt with one shoulder completely hanging off showing her breast. This woman sells herself for probably around $10. In Costa Rica prostitution is legal, so in many cases women result to this act in order to put food on their table for their children. Wednesday evening lynsey and I went to bible study with Amy. Thursday we woke up and went to an AIDS clinic for men and women wanting treatment for AIDS, and wanting to get off the streets. Lynsey and I watched as our world became aware of the appearance and sadness of transvestites infected with AIDS. We were able to speak to some of them and to treat them with lunch. Lynsey and I shared the things God wanted us to share with them, and many of them do not know or want to believe in Christ. After speaking with them for a little while, one of the transvestites braided my hair! I didn’t realize it at the time but Amy said that this was an act of acceptance, that after one of them had braided my hair they weren’t as “ashamed” because they knew we accepted them for who they are. We also got to go into a separate room and visit with a child of God who is probably going to be pass soon. He had open wounds and sores all over his body and complained about his bones aching even while on very strong medicine. We prayed over him and allowed God to speak words of encouragement to him. Thursday after going to the AIDS clinic we met with the pastor and pastor’s wife of Amy’s church. As we were about to leave Amy’s pastor’s wife stopped and read to us Romans 10. This word of encouragement spoke directly to my heart and my desire to spread the word of Christ. Thursday night we went to the Pura Vida Missions compound to hang out with Dan whom we had talked to earlier in the week. Friday we spent some time with Marge Long who is another full time missionary in Costa Rica. Then we left to come home :(