Saturday, November 21, 2009

Father. Abbah. Yahweh. Lord. King. Love. You Are. You are my Everything.

surely can not begin to explain the humility and humbleness I am feeling right now. I do not have the hands to write but the hands to type as I could not possibly keep this to myself, and therefore have to write this on my blog. As I lay here thinking about my testimony of Africa tomorrow I come to God in utter humility allowing Him to prepare my heart. Before I can explain how humbled I am right now I have to include a letter from a beautiful friend name Joel, who lives in Uganda:
I am so happy as I write this email. You start with a blessing note. I am going to use that `` Answered prayer right here! `` I am really so excited. He will never leave us. Amen!!! He will never. Lauren thank you for being a good friend. Not only to me but also to the school. Surely I feel I have a diamond friend. Such friends are so rare if you get one¦..You have got a great treasure. I want to thank you so¦ very much for praying and standing with me.
Surely the Lord is good!!! I have seen His goodness through this all. Amen!
Well while I met trying moments with the school. God spoke to me personally. Now listen when the Lord speaks to you personally it changes everything¦.By the way Sometimes in our Human nature we feel like as if He has left us.
This is what he told me¦.Joel the moment you received me. you became my child.
And know one thing¦the devil can never stop a CHILD OF GOD did you get that¦.The devil can not stop a child of God, it can only delay him or her.
I felt so happy when these words dropped in my Spirit.
The devil can not stop ME!!! It can not stop you Either. We will win. Its our third name!!! Think about it Lauren Bond Winner!!! Amazing.No matter what may seem to be around, we will not give up.
We will still look at God as God, not only a helper¦He is GOD¦.Wow God cannot be fully and completely be defined¦His goodness is Infinite. His Power cannot be limited. Be encouraged that no matter what may be facing me here¦.I will stand for the LORD. He will never forsake me that I know.
I really missed talking to you Lauren. A while without reading encouragements from you needs real enduring surely!!
Be encouraged that your stand and life in the Lord will surely always pay off. READ 1 cor 15:58
Thanks Lauren for the efforts you are surely investing in trying to help us.
I am also praying that the LORD will bless these with His provision. And as you Bless us. MAY HE BLESS YOU TEN TIMES AND MORE!!!
I feel Happy.
Sister, I told you about this Kids function. We have invited a lot of people and I am believing God to make it a great ceremony as we celebrate…We will be graduating some kids from the nursery section to the primary section. the message is to tell the community that our God is one who will get nobodies from nowhere and take them to another level…We are going to make it more evangelical.
And for you my friend you are not forgotten. I am asking you to write and send me your message for the occasion. I am thinking of sending you coverage of the ceremony, like I had told you. I will see to that. I really included you part of the program. If you where here, you would be giving us your powerful message. So since you aint here, It will be read and translated to the people around.
Please thank you for encouraging me. That email was it!
I needed it.
Thank you.
My message to you
`` What God Has Done, He can still greatly and more powerfully do``
Be Blessed Sister
Pray with me as I pray With You

Okay, first of all, my friend FROM UGANDA, is writing me an email of ENCOURAGEMENT. I am not sure how confusing this is to other people but to me, I am astounded by your beauty God. That you could take a person that has the worst “luck” by the world’s terms and give him the ability to encourage me-who has everything I could ever want or ask for-I am ASTOUNDED. Although I should not be surprised that You would do something like this for Your children! This beautiful man, who is the owner of a Christian school called Rays of Hope, a school that is out of money and out of hope, a man who gives everything he makes to pay teachers who do not believe in You, a man who everything in this world and everyone of this world would tell to GIVE UP says: Be encouraged that no matter what may be facing me here¦.I will stand for the LORD. He will never forsake me that I know.
Surely this is You Father. Surely this man is You speaking straight to me. Father, ABBAH, YOU ARE. Be encouraged that no matter what may be facing me here, no matter whether I run out of money, no matter whether I have to hand this school over to the government, no matter whether all of these teachers leave me. I will stand for the LORD. But Lord, as I pray tonight, I come to you knowing I have a HUGE task. I have to ONLY BY YOUR POWER, tell a church of the amazing things You can do through anyone. I have to explain to them that this normal, man who has “nothing” has given up every satisfaction and comfort he could have in order to bring joy to the Angels in heaven, and more importantly to bring in more and more people to Your Kingdom. Father, If I do not bring Glory to Your name tomorrow, surely I have sinned for your power and Your name are the only to be spoken tomorrow. I yearn for the children at Rays of Hope to be so in love with You that their community can not help but see Your face!
Okay….now Father. To the humility part. You have placed me in a situation where I can not help but weep as I think about why me, why me oh God, why would you send me all the way around the world to meet this one amazing person. My heart weeps as I consider the burdens I would love to endure so that Joel’s life would be easier. Father you know, you know more than anybody that I do not deserve anything I own, you know that no one around me deserves anything they own, because Father it is all yours. And Father, you know Joel with far LESS “SUPPLIES” and opportunities, has Found You and Given YOU to others far more others than I could ever begin to give you to. AND THAT IS THE PROBLEM. THAT IS WHY I AM HUMILIFIED. Because all of these things we think we have to have in order to share with others the Love You have given us, all of these “things” are UNECESSARY. UNECESSARY. POINTLESS. A WASTE. Because Father, all we need is you and Your Word. And those are two things we were given the moment we accepted You as our Savior. And then I come to the most humbling part of all. This man this man of God that has EVERYTHING he needs in You God, he comes to me to ask: I am asking you to write and send me your message for the occasion. Father, why do you want me? Why are you calling ME to send this school half way around the world, a message? You are teaching me humility. You are teaching me to know that I am not worth anything unless You are my center, and once you are my center, THEN AND ONLY then can you work your power in a supernatural, unbelievable way. It will be read and translated to the people around The only way I got to this place, this place where YOU are my number 1 and YOU are going to speak to people half way around the world through me, is BY SURRENDERING MY LIFE. Surrendering my life to the One who surrender His for me. O Father how I long to SURRENDER and take on this world’s burdens. The people I love, the beautiful girls you have surrounded me with and the awesome men of God that love to love me with a love only You give. I want to take their burdens. I want You to take away any sin they have and Father if you have to sacrifice, may I sacrifice so that my friends, family, acquaintances, and the people that surround me every day so that they MAY KNOW YOU? Father. Abbah. Yahweh. Lord. King. Love. You Are. You are my Everything.